About Us

Little Beach Group, is a company that develops and manufactures unique branded products for luxury hotels.

We believe that certain hotel brands do more damage when gifting or selling products that do not have a certain quality and uniqueness. Why diminish a brand with low quality, mass produced products that have little practical use and negative marketing value?

It is our suggestion to do away with low value product budgets and focus on unique products in line with the clienteles’ trending lifestyle.

Not every hotel meets our business model, we are selective with our resources and try to give each hotel designs that are exclusive. Once we have selected a hotel that is compatible, we often stay at the resort so that we can experience the atmosphere, colors and activities as a guest would. With these observations we try and pin point the overall feel and incorporate that into a specific product or products.

The moment a hotel guest returns home is where we want to establish a lasting impression. It is important to us that our product finds its way with ease into the everyday life of an individual. Each use of our product is a opportunity to reflect on a beautiful property and vacation experience.

Marketing is our endgame. Our products can be sold and profited from but that is not all we are concerned about. How long is the product going to last so that it can be an efficient marketing tool? Can the quality and styling of our products impress upon a potential new customer the luxury of the hotel itself? Attracting hotels new customers is as important to us as pleasing the current client.